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I'm Tammy and I’m obsessed with YOUR health!

I have been active all my life.  I discovered running at the age of 12.  It was my escape from a very toxic and scary homelife.  I learned that moving my body made me feel good.  Growing up in the midwest, it was never considered mainstream to make fitness a career. So, after college I got a real job.  

Then in 2002 I moved to San Diego and discovered the amazing feeling of physical fitness and being outside year round.  I discovered my true passion was to change women’s lives through health and fitness. 

So, I went back to school at the age of 32! I received a personal training certification from the American Council on Exercise, I became a certified nutrition consultant through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, I attended UCSD and received a Certification in Exercise Physiology and I also have a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Studies from Purdue University.  I’ve spent nearly 18 years coaching thousands of women.  

My unique approach focuses on the brain and my method is called Mental Block Breakdown.  It’s a therapeutic approach to uncover emotional roadblocks specific to lifestyle choices.  Since launching my remote coaching, the Be Well Superstarter has been huge and allowed me to reach so many more women. I have simple questions for each client that quickly gets me to the why. We discuss your daily habits.  The data is in your daily habits.  

Adaptogens + Nutrient Rich Recipes

We add the adaptogens to the nutrient dense food we create and share with you on the recipe blog.

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Why not a healthy lifestyle?

Why self loathing? Why sedentary?  What false beliefs do you have around taking care of yourself?

Once a client recognizes these, we can begin the rebuilding process.  

This is a deeply personal emotional and physical journey for each client.  That’s why the INDIVIDUAL training, coaching and reprogramming is crucial for success. You can work out or have a meal guide but if you don’t get to the heart of why your health is superfluous, you will simply go in circles. These programs I developed have truly been life changing for so many women. We stop the cycle of unhealthy daily habits and replace them with daily walks, creating healthy delicious food and we explore your negative self-talk. It’s a truly incredible experience. 

My ‘why’ is simple!  Each woman has a uniqueness to her and that is her gift to the world. I am passionate about uncovering this uniqueness and healing each woman through self love, empowerment, movement and food.  

And speaking of food, I also love to eat and cook and share with you.  Part of your journey with me is reclaiming your joy in eating…healthy, amazing, delicious food. So, I created a recipe blog - you can subscribe below. I post all these on my instagram, too - so be sure to check it out @TAMMYDALTONWELLNESS

I have a disarming way of letting women explore who they are.  My vulnerability allows their vulnerability.  It’s quite an extraordinary journey. As, an empath and sexual abuse survivor, I know first had what letting go of shame and pain can do. 

And my life revolves around 3 people, my beautiful and amazing son, Dean, my gorgeous and sassy daughter, Jane and my rock, my husband, Stan.  We love to cook together as a family, walk the beach, watch the sunset and play with our sweet little fur babies, Indiana, and Coco.  ❤️