Tammy D’Onofrio ceo founder FitChick granola

 I grew up in Indiana! Healthy whole food was not a priority.  My parents were hardworking midwesterners.  But they were smokers and had 5 kids to feed with not much money.  Processed food was the norm. So, I was not destined to promote or live a healthy lifestyle.

But I had a grandmother who was ahead of her generation. I would often find her exercising at 5am, eating ‘strange’ things like all natural peanut butter, wheat germ by the spoonful and ‘plain’ yogurt. she even grew her own vegetables. I spent lots of time with her helping her weed the garden and plant flowers. She was always talking about moving your body, eating healthy and wearing sunscreen.  She was by far my most profoundly positive influence in terms of understanding my own health. She forged a path that I would eventually follow.

I joined the track team in junior high and quickly realized that I loved how good I felt being physically active. It gave me self confidence and made me feel strong. More importantly, it made me feel empowered to escape my tumultuous, and sometimes unsafe home life.

Fast forward to 2010, I was suddenly a single mom with a 2 yr old and a 5 year old. Quickly, I needed to figure out how I was going to support myself and my babies. I started offering group workouts and personal training to the moms in my community. I counseled them on nutrition and would bring snacks to our workout sessions. The granola I made was a huge hit. Ultimately, my clients convinced me it was a marketable health food product. And....this is how FitChick Granola was born. I launched it in 2014 in San Diego at a tiny local grocery store. Today we have over 50 retail partners.

Being a mom, being active and eating healthy, real, natural and whole foods is the foundation of FitChick. It is my passion to empower, motivate and educate people about the joy and necessity of living a healthy life. I want to lead by example and be a positive role model for my children.  I want to empower women to love their bodies.