1.5 hour initial meeting. 
Twice weekly meetings. 
Unlimited text, email, calls.


Menopause does not have to be the end of your sexiness, your health and your vitality. It’s simply the next chapter. Our western doctors don’t teach us much about this transition and expect us to just accept weight gain, depression, insomnia and a list of other crap. 
your diet, your activity, the toxicity in your life is hugely important in this equation. 
We spend 30 days cleaning out mind, body and spirit and get you on the right path. Menopause and beyond can be an amazing and vital time in your life! Let’s go! 


You will regain your vitality and learn how your body is physically responding to hormone changes. You will learn what to eat, how to move, how to breathe, and how to remove all toxins from your life.  You will learn how to reconnect with your spirit, nature, the sun and reset your circadian rhythm. 

I will put you on a path to enjoy the best years of your life! 

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