1.5 hour initial meeting (virtual or in person) to outline 5 habits 
Twice weekly meetings. 
Unlimited text, email, calls.

5 week program 


What stories do you tell yourself?

”I can’t be healthy. I’m just fat. I don’t have it in me. It’s not for people like me. I don’t deserve to take care of myself because XYZ.  My doc  doesn’t know what to do so I can’t do anything. I’m waiting on that pill with a diagnosis.”

Listen, the stories, the bullshit stories you  keep telling yourself is what’s holding you back.  regardless of medication or supplements…you still need to take care of your body. If you understand how quickly you will feel better and live a beautiful, amazing present life by doing changing your daily habits.

We can create a mentally strong, mentally happy mentally present human!

physical health is the byproduct. It’s so simple and so effective.

The habits will change you mentally on day 1. Are you ready for a different story? Are you ready for this next chapter? Our western doctors don’t teach us much about this transition and expect us to just accept weight gain, depression, insomnia and a list of other crap. 

your diet, your activity, the toxicity in your life is hugely important in this equation. 
We spend 5 weeks cleaning out mind, body and spirit and get you on the right path. Menopause and beyond can be an amazing and vital time in your life! Let’s go! 


You will regain your vitality and learn how your body is physically responding to hormone changes. You will learn what to eat, how to move, how to breathe, and how to remove all toxins from your life.  You will learn how to reconnect with your spirit, nature, the sun and reset your circadian rhythm. 

I will put you on a path to enjoy the best years of your life! 

Do you qualify?
Are you experiencing insomnia? weight gain? Working out and you keep gaining weight? Craving sugar? Anxiety? Depression? Depression? Fatigue? 
Do you have 1 hour per day to dedicate yourself to your health and healing? 
Are you willing to be completely honest about your trauma? Daily habits? Are you willing to CHANGE and learn? 

Email me now for more information.  


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