3heads of romaine roughly chopped (you can sub any lettuce but I like the crunch of romaine for this salad)

4 scallions finely chopped

3 Roma tomates diced

1 lb of baby bella shrooms sliced

2 handfuls of Castelvetrano olives pitted and sliced in half (you can sub other olives but the Castelvetrano are the crispest and freshest)

Manchego cheese shaved - use as much as you want. It's a nutty mild cheese that pairs well with these veggies.


Toss everything into a large bowl with Dijon vinaigrette (recipe is also on the blog)

It's a very hearty salad but feel free to add salmon, chicken or shrimp (all recipes also on the blog).


I pair this with my dijon vinaigrette


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